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Thank you for visiting GVL's Animal Movement Requirements Look-up page. This page will help you find interstate movement requirements as validated by State Animal Health Officials to make planning and traveling a breeze.

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GlobalVetLINK strives to make creating & distributing certificates of veterinary inspection (ICVI) as painless as possible. If you are a vet & want to get started with our digital animal health documents, drop us your email and we will contact you to get set up.

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GlobalVetLINK also provides an animal owner portal for accessing all of your GVL certificates including eCVIs, eEIA (Coggins), and GoPass® (6 month equine passport). Since our certificates are digitally signed and available online, there is no need to fumble around with folders & paper documents. Use our Find a Vet portal to locate the GVL veterinarian nearest you!

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